Consultancy Services

Device Driver development with Test Utilities on Linux, Windows, Real-time and Bare-metal OSes

PCIe, USB, SPI, I2C and CAN bus interfaces

FPGA Software Support

Hard/Soft Real-Time Software Development

VXWorks, FreeRTOS or equivalent / Embedded Linux

Interrupt/Event-driven design methodologies

Custom bootloaders

C++/C/Assembler programming.

Multiple architectures – X86_64, ARM, Motorola, MIPS, VLIW, as well as cost-sensitive microcontrollers

Cross-platform development.

Embedded Applications, Middleware & Library development

Sockets API (TCP/UDP). Multithreading. XML/JSON

High Performance Computing including using Kernel-bypass techniques

Multi-core parallel data processing using Intel Intrinsics/SIMD

Time-synchronised high-speed network packet processing

Use of NUMA-centric design methodologies

Platform Performance Profiling and Analysis with Improvement

Codebase Analysis and Modernisation

Fault Finding

Feature implementation to existing codebase with performance impact assessment

Legacy Product Adoption

System Engineering

Computer-On-Module(CoM)/System-On-Module(SoM) solution proposal and implementation

Linux DTB/DTO implementations

Electronic Design with PCB layout and prototyping