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About Interperformant Systems

With over 25 years experience in High Performance/High Reliability Software Development for Proprietary/COTS Industrial Embedded Systems and PCIe/PCI cards on multiple OS platforms, Interperformant Systems Ltd was founded in 2021 to offer a range of services to industry as well as performing its own product development.

Based near Southampton, Interperformant Systems can engage with your business to perform initial or additional product development, to maximise efficiency and performance of existing products, as well as prolong existing product lifespans through targeted re-engineering.

Consultancy Services

Device driver development

Device Driver Development with associated Test Utilities on Linux, Windows, Real-time OS and Bare-metal with PCIe, USB, SPI, I2C and CAN Bus Interfaces

SR-IOV / Virtualisation support with compatible hardware

FPGA Software Support – Device Driver implementation with User API Support Libraries

Embedded Linux – NXP flex-builder workflow with devicetree implementations for board/device support

Real-time Systems

Hard/Soft Real-Time Software Development with Interrupt/Event-Driven Architecture Design Approach

Board Support Package (BSP) Creation and Support for VXWorks, FreeRTOS or equivalent Fixed-priority Preemptive Scheduling RTOS

Multiple Architectures – ARM, Motorola, VLIW, including cost-sensitive SoC Microcontrollers

Bootloader customisation – Uboot and proprietary solutions


C++/C/Assembler Programming

Cross-Platform Development

Embedded Applications, Middleware and Support Library Development

Sockets API (TCP/UDP) – JSON/XML Control

Docker Containerization and Deployment

Platform provisioning with configuration to maximise product performance


Interperformant Systems is listed as being part of Intel’s oneAPI Ecosystem Support

High Performance Computing including using Kernel-Bypass techniques on multiple x86 microarchitectures

Data Processing Acceleration using NUMA-aware multicore Parallel Data Processing implementations utilising AVX-512/AVX2 SIMD Intrinsics for multiple x86 microarchitectures

Time-synchronised High-Speed Network Packet Processing


Platform Performance Profiling with Analysis and Improvement Proposals

Codebase Analysis and Modernisation

Fault Finding and Legacy Product Adoption

Feature Implementation Impact Assessments to existing system-scope software codebases


System Engineering

Computer-On-Module(CoM)/System-On-Module(SoM) Solution Proposal and Implementation

Electronic Schematic Design with PCB Layout

In-house prototyping SMT pick and place PCB assembly and rework capability for double-sided PCBs

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For a no-cost discussion without obligation, please contact us with your requirements. This will lead to a no-cost meeting either in-person or via web-based video meeting. We will provide a proposal tailored to your requirements, free of charge.

All discussions with Interperformant Systems are confidential, but we recommend that they take place with a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, that either we or any engaging party can provide.

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